Not sure if you heard of this incredibly niche conference, there is this big gaming event called E3 where big companies try to out-do each other. This time, ahead of the PlayStation conference, Beat Saber on PlayStation VR, having previously been available on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

If you don;t know one of the most popular smash hits in recent VR times, try imagining a Jedi going through a cyber corridor with a couple of swords. The aim is to cut the blocks as they zip to you. It’s like a beat game, only with more slashing and less finger pain.


So far we don’t have an official date or price for Beat Saber, but the game is coming at some point. Which is good to know, but I suspect it may be in 2019 while the small team focuses on the PC version. (But I would love to be wrong on this).


All the music of Beat Saber is made to fit the levels. Their aim is to make players ‘dance’ to the beat, while swiping all the cubes and dodging all the obstacles. The cuts are supported by satisfying sounds and visual effects to support the eclectic gameplay.

Development of Beat Saber began in 2016 when the team identified the basic concept. From there they went to Steam and exploded in popularity with incredibly positive views. The Beat Saber announcement adds to the PlayStation news we’ve had about Ghost Giant, Twin Mirror, Days Gone and Tetris Effect. Here’s to the cluster coming up next week for PlayStation.

Tom Ffiske
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