The great people at Make Real, has secured equity investment to fund the dev of VR and immersive products. The company has raised the finances via the investment round led by M&A Advisory. As the team is based in Brighton, which has been highlighted as one of the growing key clusters, the timing was well-placed. 

Using the finances, Make Real intends to fuel their growth, including the hiring of new people and making a number of immersive learning products for education. 

The focus of the investment will cover the following: 

  • Building an R&D team
  • Marketing & PR 
  • Investing in experimentation 

Robin Scott, Managing Director said: “The Immersive technology market is growing and maturing rapidly. This investment round allows Make Real the opportunity to exploit the background IP we have generated over our decade of immersive development. We are thrilled that our new partners have seen the potential in our business and look forward to contributing further to this fast growth sector.”

Jane Burgess, Chairman said: “Make Real has established a strong position in the growing immersive industry. With this capital injection, we’re excited to move to the next stage of company growth, focusing on the areas that provide even more value to our clients. We are delighted to be working with an investment partner who provides us not only capital, but also years of strategic experience in growing businesses.”

Tom Ffiske
Twitter: @TomFfiske
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