Virtual Revolution Technologies launches a seed funding round at SeedingVR.

The so-called Eventual platform supports multi-user experiences in VR with custom-built in-house for enterprise clients. The release says it will be ‘bringing the innovation and glamour of Silicon Valley to the UK,’ though I personally doubt that. 

Supporting companies in the fields of live sports, concerts, engineering and healthcare, each environment bring people with common interests to interact together. They can chat, sing, dance and cheer with each other, in private or in public, 24/7. And, each environment is fully socially interactive and built to scale, just in case you need it.   

Peter Dobson, CEO says: “Shared VR worlds have the potential to disrupt a massive amount of existing tech for businesses, and simplify day-to-day operations. We are building them now. We build custom worlds for any enterprise, organisation or event. We can build a world with millions of simultaneous users for a global concert. Or we can build a world for just a few users such as for a wedding or company meeting.”

Some of its highlights: 

  • Offers bespoke multi-user shared VR environments 
  • Offers single environments
  • Offers fully social interactive environments f
  • Apparently commercial opportunities, though I am again unsure

Personally unsure about the applications, but worth a look anyhow.

Tom Ffiske
Twitter: @TomFfiske
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