ARVRtech Ltd, a London-based tech startup launches a pre-seed funding round for its virtual reality education platform on equity crowd-funding site SeedingVR. The Immersive4Learning platform is the first patent pending education platform combining virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cognitive and psychological models.

The patent pending concept allows teachers to create VR educational materials powered by Artificial Intelligence. Within the platform, teachers can design and build their own sessions without outsourcing to developers or hiring consultants. Teachers can quickly create fully customized sessions which adapt to a student’s pace of learning and learning style based on detected cognitive and psychological behaviors.

Key learning processes of the platform include:

  • Students are immersed in the VR space and all available parameters are monitored:  movements, interactions, answers, level of knowledge acquired and biometric parameters such as EEG, eye movement, speech.
  • A Cognitive model is used to understand the state of mind of students in order to identify learning progress, and to provide information to the personalization engine.
  • Personalization is based on the detected psychological profile composed of learning style, behavior and cognitive performance – enabling the dynamic adaptation of the content in order to maximize learning efficiency.
  • The novel pedagogical models digitized within the platform are based on concepts enabling the stimulation of associative memory and increasing knowledge retention.

Boris Pokric – PhD, Founder and CTO explains: “VR holds the most promise in education. It engages students’ imaginations in ways previously impossible. Within virtual worlds it enables interactions leading to more intuitive, play-based form of learning. We are seeing knowledge retention rates of 75%, and up to 80% of cost savings when compared with classical methods both in enterprise and formal education.”

Tom Ffiske
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