I am a big fan of Digital Catapault, and I follow closely what activities that they are doing. As such whenever they do anything new, I am right there to help support and help.

Recently, Digital Catapault launched three reports highlighting key trends in the UK’s immersive space. All three aim to keep British companies healthy in the early stage VR/AR market.

The report set, available at digicatapult.org.uk/technologies/immersive, were made in collaboration with Limina Immersive, Opposable Group, Tech Spark, Nesta and i2 Media Research.

The reports are as follows: 

  1. Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences 
  2. Creative Tools and Workflows for Immersive Content Creation 
  3. Evaluating Immersive User Experience and Audience Impact

The first report, Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences, conducted by Limina Immersive, takes a look back at the scope of creative, immersive content experiences brought in the last five years, taking a look at patterns, trends and insights to these brewing formats. Those with the largest potential to capture the public are identified.

Catherine Allen, CEO, Limina Immersive, says: ‘As the immersive media sector grows, so does the need for a shared language and a way of categorising content from a creative perspective. Working with Digital Catapult, we examined the opportunity for Britain’s immersive experience creators. By providing both creative inspiration and a shared language, we hope to support UK companies in maintaining leadership in developing the most engaging material for audiences around the world’.

The second report, Creative Tools and Workflows for Immersive Content Creation, written by Opposable Group and TechSpark, asks ten UK immersive content makers to show how they make their films.  The result is a snapshot of their work and examples for others in the space to follow.

The last, Evaluating Immersive User Experience and Audience Impact, conducted by Nesta and i2 Media Research, considers a research methodology for testing and evaluating experimental immersive content, in order to help predict potential audience appetite, cultural impact, and commercial opportunity in the future.

I am well prepared to read this with some tea. Let’s do this.

Tom Ffiske
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