I like the crew at Somewhere Else, and it was a real shame I missed the art installation – as it looks very very cool.

At Art Night, the largest, free contemporary arts festival in London, Somewhere Else unveiled Happily Contained, an interactive transmedia installation that takes a look at reality, who creates it and why.

Miao’s virtual reality is a world of cyberwalls and the internet in which brands and tropes of the ‘net act as agents of struggles. The heads of Unicorn companies are the reall victorious bodies when the culture plays a game of beating out for influence.

Miao Ying, renowned contemporary artist, collaborated with Somewhere Else, Mbryonic and MMCD to create a VR experience which is a journey through a type of UtopiaAccording to the press release, ‘tech companies are misshapen monsters that have created ‘Utopia’ to deceive, blind and pacify people.’

Miao Ying was born in Shanghai, China. Her works inhabit multiple forms and highlights attempts to discuss: contemporary consciousness and mainstream technology’s impact on our lives. Which is pretty neat, honestly.

Overall it looked really cool, and it was a bit of a shame that I missed out on it!

Somewhere Else is a London-based creative agency, specialised in immersive technologies.

Tom Ffiske
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