So, the crew at the Foundry unveiled details of ColorwayAR, a 21-month industrial research project backed by Innovate UK, which will help creative professionals straighten pipelines by viewing designed stuff in AR. One partner will be The Footsoldiers, who are apparently one of the largest independent footwear design consultancies around.

According to the release the tech will allow people to create interactive AR environments inside Foundry’s Colorway application. They can share their built AR environment with internal and external people as well, who can then interact and collaborate within that area.

The solution can transform 2D design images and the like into a projected, interactive image that can be viewed on a flat area. This allows creative people to bring their ideas to life on any surface like a table, before wasting money on actually building it like normal people.

In summary, ColorwayAR aims to cut down the need for physical prototypes, creating less of a burden on the poor bastards needing to make the items, and ensuring that the products can work in theory before practice.

Tom Fiddian, Creative Economy Lead at Innovate UK, commented: “Innovate UK believes that immersive technologies, such as AR, will be the cornerstone of the next revolution in the creative industries. We are delighted to fund this project which involves two of the UK’s leading creative companies, innovating together with AR. ColorwayAR aims to radically improve productivity within the creative design process, through the exploitation of this emerging technology. This project has cross-sector applications for the whole of the UK’s creative industries, and has the potential to disrupt a number of other high value industries, such as automotive and healthcare.”

Hector Rubio, Owner at The Footsoldiers, commented: “This technology is set to revolutionize the way that shoe designers approach work. The ability to showcase designs that could be projected right in front of you is going to speed up the whole design process, speeding selection and reducing the amount of sampling. This could take prototyping to a whole new level.”

The ColorwayAR project will initially research and develop an AR visualization tool for the footwear space, then branch out to the broader design industry. One wonders if they will move into redesigning my poor, inadequate wardrobe.

Tom Ffiske
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