I have a tendency to keep talking about how lovely Blend Media is, and they have a tendency to keep coming back – this time with a whiskey in hand.

Blend Media announced a partnership with M Booth to create the ‘first interactive 4D group virtual reality experiences’ for The Macallan whisky. You may need to travel though, as it is available at New York’s Grand Central Station from 25th – 27th July, though it is also available online too

Way back in June 2018, The Macallan unveiled its new brew house  and visitor experience, after four years and dropping a hefty $186 million. To promote it, Blend Media worked with M Booth and The Macallan to create a 360-degree video. Neat.

According to the release, Blend Media worked closely with M Booth and The Macallan to develop the script, build out the visual storyboards and capture footage of the distillery. The end result is a virtual film experience that feels more like you have been invited on a personal, VIP, behind-the-velvet-ropes tour of The Macallan Estate. Outside of the NYC events, whisky enthusiasts around the globe will be able to view ‘The Macallan Distillery Experience’ on their mobile phones or desktops, through social media, or at select stores, bars and restaurants using a VR headset.

Greg Bond, SVP Commercial Partnerships, Blend Media, said, “”Innovative, forward-thinking brands are creating premium immersive experiences to cut-through the noise and engage their audiences much more powerfully than ever before. We’re proud to have been part of creating a way for The Macallan to bring global consumers closer to its incredible brand story and heritage. You can now experience the sights, sounds and smells of the spiritual home of the world’s most admired single malt whisky – all without needing to get on a plane to Scotland.”.

Congrats Blend, looks like a fun experience. *Clink*

Tom Ffiske
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