The kind folks at Digital Catapult, in collaboration with PwC, has produced a handbook to help VR and AR companies, and those new to the mad mad world. Inside are cool insights from both a business and legal perspective to help them thrive. You can find the handbook in full here.

According to the company, the purpose of this handbook is to encourage the creation of more, high quality, VR and AR content. It has been written primarily for current and potential content creators but it also draws out relevant points for service and technology companies. It aims to analyse the VR/AR industry, mainly from a business and legal perspective, to examine its current and likely future in the short term (1-2 years), medium term (2-5 years) and long term (5-10 years).

In summary, the handbook:

  • Provides guidance on current challenges
  • Raises concerns to be aware of and understand, now and in the future
  • Makes recommendations to leverage opportunities and mitigate concerns

The handbook also ntoes that a lot of the information provided is based on current knowledge as of Q1 2018.

Overall, I respect the companies for making such a comprehensive handbook, and it was a great pleasure to read. Massive respect to both PwC and Digital Catapault for putting a lot of time and effort into it, and really letting me dig my claws into the topic.

Personal note; reading it goes well with peppermint tea and a Kinder Bueno.

Tom Ffiske
Twitter: @TomFfiske
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