A short while ago, I had a go at Marvel Power United, developed by Marvel GamesSanzaru Games, and Oculus Studios. In it, the game which put you in the shoes / heels / hooves of the Marvel superheroes, which gives you the options to punch, shoot, or zap your way thorugh missions. With some caveats, the game serves itself well for the audience it is targeting; younger people who want to have a bash with Steve Rogers, and older nerds who want to have a fun time.

After going through the first part, you are welcomed to an introductory scene where you get to play as either Captain America or Black Widow, the vanilla flavour of the Avengers world. I picked Captain America as I considered shoving a shield into someone’s face would be mad fun.

I was then transported into the Avengers tower, which was a bit roughed up with yet another alien invasion; this time an alliance of supervillains. Surrounded by a bunch of Marvel licenses from Wolverine to Deadpool, the task was to reach the tower to work out what is going on.

The first villain wasn’t a laser-blasting alien, but the controls. It took some time to work out how to throw the shield, as it was a hand movement after letting go of the button. After a few goes, I found that ‘shotgunning’ the hand helped to get the shield flying off my arm, a bit like a disc flinger. Inevitably though, the shield and action acted like a targeted shotgun which bounced around more than my friend on Red Bull. It was satisfying, though I was unable to work out the Captain’s other moves in that time.

So I punched my way through New York city and heard some of the banter along the way, including Deadpool and Wolverine continuing their spiky relationship and Iron Man being a smug prick, as always. The characters are somewhat influenced by the MCU, though there was a definite comic twist of their characters; bright and colourful instead of dark and gritty. The graphics were very pretty as well, with everything popping out.

After a short hit and smash, I was flown to Avengers Tower to find a whole bunch of evil pricks loitering about, before Thanos rocks up and decks everyone. Standard.

As a first impression, it serves its purpose well as a fun game for younger folk, and a fun use of time for the older kind. Getting past the controls, Captain America was fun to play as, and I wished I tried out the other characters as well. If you’re a Marvel fan with an Oculus rig, it is well worth a go.

Verdict: A vanilla ice cream, with a hundred colourful flags planted in it.

The Marvel Power United game is now available on the Oculus Store.

Tom Ffiske
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