One for the kids, Nickelodeon is developing a VR and AR (somehow) TV series to air around the world.

Meet the Voxels is an animated sitcom that peeps into a family of video-game characters on their travels. More details have not been revealed as of yet.

The show, which is being developed with a video-game engine (undefined which one), marks Nickelodeon’s first use of VR cinema technology, including real-time full body and facial performance capture.

“Our vision is to take the real-time technology we’ve been exploring in the Lab and marry it with a creative concept that connects with kids and their passion for video games,” said Chris Young, SVP of the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab and architect for Meet the Voxels. “We designed this next-gen animation workflow and filled it with characters who can exist naturally across multiple platforms from day one.”

The pilot will be written by Jana Petrosini (Henry Danger, Kid Danger, Game Shakers) and Sean Gill (Henry Danger, Kid Danger, Game Shakers).

This story was first reported by TVBEurope.

Tom Ffiske
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