Ever considered being an angel? Or I am guessing just the ability to fly?  Well, Where Angels Meet is a new cinematic VR experience, launching September 1 just for Oculus Rift. The story looks at the life of a young man named Marcus from the perspective of a floaty, lovely guardian angel. During the experience, it allows viewers to bob along and visit heavenly places, alongside a smattering of time travel.

Noteably, Where Angels Meet was created by Angeles Vista Creative Ventures (AVCV), one of the winners of 2017 Oculus Launchpad program.

According to the release, Where Angels Meet is a unique, narrative VR experience which touches on themes of the afterlife, spirituality, faith, racism and the common challenges of life.  The story follows important milestones and events in Marcus’ life.  Having grown up with the understanding that his mother died in childbirth, Marcus finds solace in his imagination and strength in his beliefs, as he transports himself to the marvelous “Garden of Light” where he can meditate and find comfort from life’s worries.

“Although Where Angels Meet is a fictional story, the aim is to provide insight into the life of a young African-American man, from a unique perspective,” said Micah Jackson, CEO of AVCV and creator of Where Angels Meet.  “Marcus’ story parallels many of the issues and challenges that people of color face in the modern age and virtual reality is a powerful medium to convey this message.”

As a small and separate note, the release also had the following:

“The “Garden of Light” is one of the most beautiful environments to ever be created in virtual reality. It will truly leave a lasting impression on viewers and can only be seen using the Oculus Rift.”

Which is wonderfully self-serving and non-objective, so I thought to include it as it made me chuckle.

Anyway, check it out on September 1 and have a look!

Tom Ffiske
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