No, I haven’t heard of punk indie wresting either, but it’s an interesting one to take a look at!

Previously showcased at the Inception / Kaleidescope Online Film Festival, this is a series on Progress wresting, a British professional wrestling promotion that was established in 2011. It is hosted in the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Currently British wresting has been ‘on fire’ for some time, with the scene developing independently from its more famous American counterpart.

The camera was well placed to give a full view of a wrestling ring, and the documentary style works to its favor. What strikes me is that, as it is a smaller room compared to wresting stadiums, and the camera can be up close and personal, it feels more intimate than many other VR films out there.

Later chapters show the wresting itself; with the lead-up being so key to wrestling, the first one shows how the crowd is hyped up. When the wrestlers get going, they fly around with the crowds cheering on, with the cameras being very well placed to show how they are reacting to the wrestler’s moves.

It’s strange that it has not been seen as much as it should be, so have a look below to take a peek! Peter Collis and Jessica Driscoll provides an insight into a burgeoning niche community which is gaining sway in North London, using VR in an intimate manner to bring the full-on nature of wrestling right up to people’s faces.

Download Inception to experience in full:

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