In a move which indicates Jaunt’s focus within its R&D efforts, Jaunt announced today the acquisition of Personify’s Teleporter line of business. Labelled as a ‘talent and IP-driven acquisition’, it will complement Jaunt’s recently announced volumetric research and development initiatives for the Jaunt XR Platform.

For those unaware, Personify is an AR and VR company with a range of products for streaming immersive video content. This includes Teleporter, a volumetric streaming software system that captures, processes, and streams life-like AR assets in real-time, which Jaunt has grabbed with its hands.

“The addition of Personify’s Teleporter team and technology allows us to increase the speed and scope of our research and development as we move further into the extended reality arena with the Jaunt XR Platform at the core of our business,” said Arthur van Hoff, Jaunt CTO and Founder. “We’re honing in on fully immersive virtual, mixed, and augmented reality experiences, and are thrilled to advance those technologies with the help of our new Chicago-based team.”

Alongside the news, the team will be opening a new Chicago-based office. The seven Personify engineers joining Jaunt’s team will continue to work with the team in the new area.

“Jaunt has an incredible reputation and the company’s smart approach to business has made them a primary player in the XR space,” said Venshtain. “We’re excited to join forces and continue advancing the business to deliver new solutions for XR content creation and distribution.”

This seems to be a smart move. As Jaunt says it is driven by the patents and personnel necessary for them to capitalise on the market, allowing them to take hold of volumetric streaming. Embedding themselves in an area with their patents, and acquiring the talent to develop the technology further, Jaunt is well-placed to grow quickly, at least in this particular area.

Tom Ffiske
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