Several artists have been placing political messages in culturally sensitive locations around the world, AR activated via GPS. Neat.

Launched in February 2018, 4thWall is an AR experience that ‘puts users in control of how, when, and where they experience art’. This allows any landscape or location to become the setting for an immersive and personalized encounter.

The founder of 4thWall, Nancy Baker Cahill, opened the platform to artists to place artworks in places such as United States, Mexico, and Egypt, and others.

As an example, a new addition to the catalog, Michele Asselin sends a potent message in the image “Daughters” (2018), a photograph of two young girls whose father had recently been deported.  The girls stand at the center of the conversation about immigration and family separation. The deportation of undocumented immigrants has long been a policy of the U.S., leaving children behind in the foster care system.


Another new artist to 4thWall, Shizu Saldamando, places her works in locations to mark individual histories and experiences: her two pieces below (one over Echo Park Lake, and another in Downey, CA) … “this piece is an homage to my friends and to the friendship between two of them. They both love to Karaoke (as do I) and this night we all joined Karen at her favorite Karaoke spot and local bar, the Smogcutter. The Smogcutter was a historic dive bar in Echo park. I feel like my works fits really well into this project because of its site specificity to the people and specific locations in Los Angeles.”

Personally, I love art like this, and the fact it is activated by GPS in sensitive areas creates a new sort of experience for artists to deliver their message.

4thWall is now available on current Android and iOS devices. For more information visit:

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