From what I understand, editing 360 videos can be a bit of a pain. Getting the right scenes in place, putting the camera in the right spot, making sure the view is visible. While cheap and dirty, editing on a phone can be a great way to share content. Collect attempts to do this, while giving options to convert to normal video as well.

In theory, the app allows anyone to create 360 movies. The app makes it easy to shoot everything around you. “We built the product to be the most intuitive way to create, share, and interact with 360.” said Collect CEO and co-founder Oliver Pecha. “We’re seeing more and more regular people want to jump in 360 and start creating professional looking videos fast with just a simple and intuitive app”

Collect allows for some creativity. It lets users combine interactive 360 videos, change filters, stickers, tiny planet effects and make slow/fast motion vids. The app also offers 360 specific tidbits like horizon-fix, or POV modification. The app also offers a creative commons music library. Then, Collect can convert the vid or upload it online.

Overall it seems like a neat little app, and I am intrigued to take a look.

Tom Ffiske
Twitter: @TomFfiske
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