MagiMask, an AR headset made by a few Norwegians, hit its Kickstarter goal of $24,000 USD in less than a day. Developed over two years, the product is available in Q1 2019.

Hitting the market the same Quarter as the Oculus Quest is like opening a burger stand next to a Burger King. Despite this, MagiMask has some bold plans to take on the market, and many people agree.

What I find most curious is its design. This is a simple headset where smartphones can slot in, and users can play around with some AR experiences. Groovy, though not as sophisticated as other headsets out there like the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go. Then again, its target is for more casual people already equipped with a powerful computer in their pockets.

“We believe people have been led into the AR market with false hopes and outrageously expensive hardware. We have created a hardware platform for mobile AR using our unique head-mounted display and tracker kit,” said Eirik Wahlstrøm, CEO and co-founder of Ludenso.

“Our HMD works with 99% of the existing apps without customizations, and gives 100% augmented FOV and improved resolution.”

According to the team, MagiMask is a soft HMD based on MovieMask, a previous product. Technically it delivers around 400% higher resolution, as it is designed to show people as much of the screen as possible.

MagiMask comes with an optimised tracking system that is made up of MagiTile, MagiKard, and MagiDice. This will Magically make some Magigames with your Magifriends.

Overall, a curious product to watch. If successful, MagiMask shows that users do not need complex standalone headsets with the components bundled in for a good time. If it flops, it may mean a whole variety of reasons, though that is a story to cover in the future.

Tom Ffiske
Twitter: @TomFfiske
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