The Immersive Perspective Awards are back!

The Immersive Perspective Awards celebrates the best of VR, AR, and MR in the industry. Goliath companies or peppy startups, teams of talent or solo entrepreneurs, the awards celebrate them all.

The awards are free entry, as per tradition. This helps smaller companies get the validation they need to showcase their products/services to the world.

Want to participate? Full details are below, and sign up using this Google form.

Good luck!


Pioneers of Immersive Reality 2019

In the past, I separated the Pioneers of Immersive Reality with the Immersive Perspective Awards, though this year I am merging them. The award celebrates individuals who made a great impact on the industry, in any way. From healthcare to filmmaking to engineering, the award celebrates the diversity and talent of the industry.

Virtual Perceptions will select ten winners.

Immersive Healthcare of the Year

One of my favorite areas, VR in healthcare is revolutionising the sector. This award celebrates those using VR, AR or MR to improve the health of others, whether through cognitive therapy or training professionals.

Immersive Education of the Year

Studies revealed how immersive reality can improve learning. This award celebrates the smart use of immersive technology for educational purposes.

Immersive Marketing of the Year

With new technology comes new ways of engaging audiences, and VR marketing has grown quickly over the last few years. With all sorts of ways to approach companies, the award celebrates the campaigns that made a difference.

Immersive Film of the Year

Thoroughly inspired by the Raindance Gallery of Immersive Stories, the award celebrates the films which use the technology to push forward cinematic storytelling.

Immersive Game of the Year

Immersive gaming is a new way to interact and play. Manipulating the world with your hands and controllers provides a new experience to the player – one which reshapes the rules of game design. This award celebrates the best of immersive gaming.

Journalist of the Year

I may be slightly biased, but I deeply respect the quality of journalism around immersive reality. Whether it may be investigations into companies or pushing consistently good content, the award celebrates the people who inform the community.

YouTuber of the Year

YouTubers work hard to push their content, informing the listener/watcher with high-quality videos constantly. This award celebrates the funny, informative, and enthusiastic community which blossomed over the last few years.

Headset of the Year

The car engine defines the power and usability of the vehicle, and provides the push to go forward. Headsets provide the platform for creators to push their works, and this award celebrates the hardware which makes it all possible.

Company of the Year

This category celebrates impact. There are many companies who work in the industry, though a number make a permanent dent which everyone in their particular industry notices. And sometimes, you do not need to be the biggest company to make a difference.



30 November: Deadline for entries
5 December: Nominees announced
12 December: Winners announced


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any costs associated with the Immersive Perspective Awards?
None! No entrant will be charged at any stage of the competition. Barriers of entry are kept low so any company can participate.

Will there be an award ceremony?
The awards are online-only.

Who will be judging the entries?
Tom Ffiske, Editor of Virtual Perceptions, is the sole judge. This is to ensure the awards remain independent and linked solely to Virtual Perceptions.

What are the timings of the awards? And can I ask for an extension? 

  • 30 November: Deadline for entries
  • 5 December: Nominees announced
  • 12 December: Winners announced

In select cases, an extension can be granted, though permission must be gained from Tom Ffiske at

Can I submit to multiple awards?
Of course! Just refresh the form once the first entry is complete, and fill it again.

Can I nominate a friend/colleague?
Yes you can. Also, you are a fantastic friend.

How do I submit?
Submit your entry here.